Make an Impact

Education plays a tremendous role in the efforts of poverty alleviation in developing nations. The C.H.A.N.C.E. Global Initiative desires to provide children living in slums with an opportunity for success. Global studies have shown that chronically malnourished children have lower literacy rates, compromised overall health, and reduced earning potential. Providing quality education to the disadvantaged and marginalized populations of the world would greatly change many of the systemic factors that have contributed to generational poverty and the slow development of these countries. Acquiring basic educational skills such as reading and writing would help to restructure the underlying structure of poverty by increasing job skills, job opportunities and wages, and increasing awareness of health and nutrition for better protection from diseases. Making quality education accessible to children in impoverished communities is one sure way to ensure poverty decline.

The C.H.A.N.C.E. Global Initiative will provide educational empowerment through the following:

Quality and consistent academic training
for children

Health and nutritional awareness through schools

Ensuring the spirit of excellence and high discipline among the children

Providing an educational program that encourages the envisioning of a promising and prosperous future

Give a Little. Change a Life.

Quality healthcare is often out of reach for most slum residents, and is actually considered a luxury. The cost of formal health services is too expensive for the limited budgets of families living in slum communities. Informal untrained chemists exist throughout the slums, but their medications are often wrong, expired, and unregulated. Poor sanitation and waste water systems contribute tremendously to the poor health status of slum children, partly due to continuous exposure to environmental hazards coupled with a lack of basic amenities. Our goal is to improve access to quality healthcare in those select communities.

The C.H.A.N.C.E. Global Initiative will:
  • Provide a clinic on each Carson Academy of Excellence campus to provide preventative medicine and basic outpatient services to the communities in which we serve.
  • Partner with healthcare professionals that donate their services to reduce labor expenses.
  • Ensure that all students of Carson Academies of Excellences will receive essential vaccinations and preventative care.

Due to extreme poverty, the average slum dweller hardly makes enough money to feed oneself, let alone feed an entire family. Thus, slum dwellers rely on the cheapest source of proteins consequently leading to extremely poor diets and malnutrition. Global studies have shown that chronically malnourished children have lower literacy rates, compromised overall health, and reduced earning potential. While malnutrition affects the physical and mental well-being of children, it can also affect cognitive development, which is oftentimes irreversible. Children that are under nourished have statistically shown to perform lower on math tests and overall reading comprehension. This ultimately impacts their ability to sustain themselves and their families when they become adults, as they will have limited employment opportunities. Furthermore, this leads to generational poverty.


The C.H.A.N.C.E. Global Initiative will:
  • Provide nutritionally balanced breakfast every day that school is in session for both students and staff of Carson Academy of Excellence.
  • Provide balanced lunch every day that school is in session for both students and staff of Carson Academy of Excellence.
  • Provide monthly nutritional education for children and/or their caregivers.

Your Help is Needed

Each donations matter, even the smallest ones.

Donate and someone’s life will get better!

School Expansion

The Carson Academy of Excellence provides academic education for nearly 400 students grades K-8th who are educated on nearly 2 acres of land with four buildings. These buildings consist of classrooms, offices, kitchen, a health clinic, and restrooms. These buildings are filled to capacity and are in need of both renovations and expansion. Presently, the student to classroom ratio is very high and we are out of space. The immediate needs of this project are:

Renovation of the four existing buildings which include, electrical, walls, floors, plumbing, ceiling and roofing repairs to provide both a safe and quality environment for learning.

Restroom renovations and equipment to provide sanitary conditions for the children.

Renovation of the kitchen and the outdoor construction of a cafeteria for the students to eat their breakfast and lunch in an environment conducive for eating and socializing; separate from their classroom setting.

The renovation of the on-campus health clinic and purchase of medical equipment to provide the students with quality healthcare when needed.

The addition of new spaces for additional classrooms and a teacher’s lounge.

The school is also in need of land expansion to build the new high school wing so that our students can continue to their secondary education after the 8th grade. These are simply the immediate needs of the Carson Academy of Excellence in Nairobi, Kenya. However, we are in constant need of funding in order to expand Carson Academies of Excellence throughout slum areas in Africa and around the country. Someone has to do it, why not us?